Publications of The Friends

The Friends of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery have a mission to promote the appreciation of the cemetery, which provides a space to reflect on the lives of the people buried here.

The spring 2021 issue of Discover Concord on page 30 has the article "Beyond Authors Ridge," co-authored by two of our Board members, Susan Dee and Kevin Thomas Plodzik.

It details the researched information about not-so-well-known and assuredly interesting persons whose final resting place is in the Cemetery. The article serves as a guide for locating the grave sites of the individuals described.

The print publication can be obtained free of charge at over 50 business and retail locations in Town. In addition, the article can be viewed here.

Exploring Concord's Historic Burial Ground: Sleepy Hollow Cemetery captures the only complete history of the Cemetery as well as snapshots of citizens who made major contributions to Concord and to the world.

The biographies are organized into Artists and Writers; Civil War Activists; and Progressive and Creative Contributors. The book includes a map of the Cemetery and each biography informs the reader where the individual is buried. Visitors can use the book as a guide to walk through Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

The Concord Journal recently published an article describing this book.

In its third printing, a detailed map of the cemetery guides visitors to the historic gravesites and provides interesting facts about the cemetery. On one side of the publication, a history of the cemetery is printed. It describes the two colonial burial grounds: the Old Hill Burying Ground and the South Burying Place, as well as Sleepy Hollow. On the other side, there is a map of the cemetery showing the streets and paths. Points of interest, such as the schoolhouse, burial sites and monuments are indicated on the map. Brief descriptions are provided for historic figures buried in Sleepy Hollow.

The obituary book provides an interesting perspective on the life and times of the luminaries buried at Sleepy Hollow, as seen through their obituaries. The obituaries of the 1800s were very different from modern obituaries.

These publications are available at: