Activities of the Friends

The Friends of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery have a mission to promote the preservation, beautification, and appreciation of the public burial grounds in the Town of Concord.

Annual Breakfast Event

Each year the Friends of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery organize a breakfast featuring a guest speaker who lectures on the history Concord and Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. These breakfasts have featured historians, authors, researchers, preservationalists, and distiguished residents. For more information see the breakfast page.


The Friends have produced two publications to promote an appreciation of the cemetery: a cemetery map and a book of obituaries. The map provides a historical overview of the cemetery as well as descriptions of historic gravesites. The obituary book provides an interesting perspective on the life and times of the luminaries buried at Sleepy Hollow, as seen through their obituaries. For more information, see the publications page.

Margaret Lothrop Reinterment

The Friends of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in conjunction with the National Park Service and the family of Margaret Mulford Lothrop, reinterred her remains to be buried with her parents, Harriet and Daniel Lothrop in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. For more information see the Lothrop Reinterment page.

Titcomb Dedication

The Friends recently dedicated a new marker for Mary Titcomb, who launched the bookmobile, or “book wagon” service in 1905. For more information see the Titcomb Dedication page.


The cemetery has many historic artifacts that need preservation and restoration. The Friends raise money and provide oversight for projects such as restoring the canon and wrought iron fences, and cleaning gravestones. For more information, see the restoration page.

Beautification and Improvement

The cemetery is a large property and there are many opportunities for beautification and improvement. The Friends have funded new benches, signage, flowers, and other improvements. For more information, see the beautification page.