About The Friends

Sophia Hawthorne Burial

The photo shown above is of the horse-driven hearse returning the remains of Sophia and Una Hawthorne to Sleepy Hollow to be buried with Nathaniel in June, 2006. The Friends were responsible for getting the word out about the event and the public ceremony to the media worldwide as part of our ongoing campaign to educate and inform

the public on the still living history of Sleepy Hollow. The event was covered by The New York Times, The Boston Globe, National Public Radio, The London Times, the BBC and other news outlets worldwide, including India and Australia.

Other Activities of the Friends Include:

What Are Some of the Needs of the Cemetery?

Monies from perpetual care payments, lot purchases, and appropriations from the Town of Concord provide the basic maintenance of the Cemetery such as mowing and raking and limited improvement and restoration; these funds, however, are not sufficient to allow the continuing enhancement of the Cemetery as a final resting place for the Town's citizens and a contemplative retreat for residents and visitors.

Some of the Cemetery enhancements that interest the Friends include signs, maps, volunteer days, newsletter, and landscaping. The Friends encourage and welcome suggestions from the membership for other improvement and activities.

How Is the Work of the Friends Supported?

The goals of the Friends of Sleepy Hollow are supported by memberships and gifts which are tax deductible. The Organization receives no Town funds, but is endorsed by the Town Manager.

Please consider joining the Friends.

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