Sleepy Hollow Cemetery is the largest cemetery in Concord
Massachusetts and has an estimated 10,000 graves.  It spans 119
acres that were laid out in several phases from 1823 to 1998.  The
section developed in 1855 is an excellent example of the "rural" or
"garden" cemetery that was designed in harmony with the natural
features of the land.

Old Hill Burying Ground was established in 1635 and occupies
the west slope of "Revolutionary Ridge" overlooking the town center.
 The collection of markers include outstanding examples of funerary
art from the 17th century.

South Burying Place is the smallest of the public cemeteries in
Concord.  It features closely packed gravestones arranged in
ragged rows on a half-acre site.

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Sleepy Hollow
Old Hill Burying Ground